]How can I raise money for the RAF Association?

You can fund-raise for the RAF Association in many ways, you could support us at one of the many air shows across the country, take part in a challenge event either in this country or abroad, or set up your own event to raise awareness of the Wings Appeal. You could also help out with one of our Branch collections, volunteering alongside current serving RAF, veterans and ATC squadrons. Find out more about fundraising for the RAF Association.

I would like to leave a gift in my Will, how can I do it?

Thank you for considering us as a beneficiary. Find out how you can leave a gift to the RAF Association in your Will.

I would like to make a donation, how can I do it?

There are a number of ways you can donate to the RAF Association. Thank you for your support. Ways to give to the RAF Association.

Where can I buy an Association badge or tie from?

The full range available can be found at www.rafashop.com or call RAFATRAD Ltd on 01892 600191 for details.

I need to inform someone of a bereavement of a member. Who do I need to tell?

If you need to inform the Association of a bereavement of a member you can do this by Contacting our Central Headquarters by email or phone 0116 266 5224. If you require any help or assistance during this difficult time please do not hesitate to contact us

How can I renew my membership?

Please call us on 0116 266 5224 or email us to renew your membership

I need to pay for my membership, how can I do it?

Please call us on 0116 266 5224 or email us to renew your membership.

What is my membership number?

Please email your details through to our membership department or call 0116 266 5224

What am I entitled to as a member of the Association?

As a member of the RAF Association you are entitled to a range of member benefits*. These include: 1. Subscription to Air Mail, our quarterly magazine that keeps you up to date with news and information about the Association, the RAF and aviation 2. Access to a dedicated website set up to allow members to develop and maintain friendships within the Royal Air Force community 3. Discount on RAF News 4. Eligible for a retired service card at a cost of 11 5. Access to discounts and offers through our range of membership benefit deals. Many of which give a charitable donation back to the Association 6. The opportunity to stay part of your RAF sports team.. 7. Membership benefits deals (unless you pay your subscription by GAYE)


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